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Stephanie B.

So sorry to hear about your sisters not calling.. :( That can be such a heartbreaking thing. It sounds like you have a wonderful daughter, though, that loves and trusts you! I sure hope mine is willing to share so much as she grows older!

Stephanie Howell

Yep. I feel your pain on the sibling thing. I don't have any sort of a relationship with one of my brothers. He is not a nice person, is borderline verbally abusive with me. I made the choice a few years ago that I did NOT Have to take that from him just b/c he is my brother.

Gosh- the baby convo. That terrifies me. Sigh.

Sending you big hugs and much love. xoxo


So sorry your sisters "missed" your b'day - how about a "Happy Birthday!!!" from a new blog reader?!?
You sound like a great mom - so caring and thoughtful, worried about setting a good example for your daughter... And I agree: 8 seems young to have that baby conversation... LOVE how you addressed unmarried parents. That's as simple an explanation as she needs at that age.
And thanks for visiting my blog!

Claire T

Siblings eh?! I often wonder why we accept behaviour from them that we would not accept from anyone else. It sounds like you are raising a very well adjusted daughter and I love that she tells you all the ins and outs of her day. How very special your relationship is.

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